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One of these days I'm going to laugh about this...

Yesterday after I got off work I stopped at Target over by Cool Springs to get some more Cokes while they're still on sale (b/c I stock pile those suckers)...along with other stuff (plus at that time I knew I wouldn't have to wait in as much traffic if I delayed my commute during that time). So as I was getting on the interstate, pretending I'm a race car driver, all that jazz...everything's fine and dandy.

Once I got onto the interstate I noticed in my rearview mirror (it always begins with looking in the rearview mirror) that there were massive smoke clouds behind me and realized it was my car. Pulled over, blah blah blah. I was terrified to pop the hood knowing what I'd see...sure enough, flames were coming from the front of my engine. Called 911 as I was removing the bags from my car. They told me to get as far away from the car as possible. I told them I would as soon as I got the rest of the stuff out of my car. Every 5 seconds they would ask if I was away from the car. Um, noooo, I still had to remove all of the cartons of Coca Cola from my trunk! I just spent, well not a lot, but still spent money on my precious car was already on fire, I wasn't about to lose my Cokes too!!!

As I managed to get the last cartons out, the police officer (who had someone pulled over about 100 ft. back before all this happened) pulled up to where I was and was checking on me. He had me stand even further back from my Coke collection and was like "Don't worry about your stuff! Your Cokes aren't going anywhere. Come stand back here."

More police arrived, then the fire truck. They took care of the fire without messing anything else up (glad they didn't have to spray that gunk on it *flashback to when my dad set the stove on fire*). I had told one police officer about the headgasket issue (which turns out may not have had anything to do with it) before he went to talk to the firefighters, afterwards one firefighter came over and said "Well, I'm no mechanic but it looks like the headgasket was the cause." smh. Then they noticed all of my stuff and they started laughing when they saw all the Cokes. They were like "Nice collection of Cokes" and "That's right, got to save the Cokes!" and "The car's on fire but she was determined to keep the Cokes unharmed." Before they left, Barney Fife put things into perspective for me. He said it could've been worse because the car could've exploded into a ball of flames, causing me to crash into the wall and have really messed myself up. Yep...though I supposed if the car had exploded into a ball of flames then I may have not had to worry about the crashing part. Then they skedaddled.

I was waiting on my dad and Don who were coming to pick me up. After standing a while, I was thinking about going to sit in my car since there was no more danger of the fire. But before I could, the original police officer (who was staying with me to keep me safe) asked me to come sit in the backseat of his car so that we'd both be safe. ...that is the more freakin' uncomfortable place!!! Seariously! It's just hard plastic, and it's so cramped that you can't fit your legs in front of you! That right there alone was enough to keep me from ever doing anything to be arrested. All I could think about was how I could be sitting stretched out in my soft, comfy-cozy seats.

I saw that Don and my dad had arrived so as they were walking towards the car, the cop had to come around to the back to let me out of the thing. I'm sure that's the kind of sight that makes every father proud of his daughter, smh. So they started cracking jokes with the cop about me being in the backseat... Great... Then the tow truck arrived and we all made our merry little way back home.
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